Unique interactive entertainment of its kind

With Games2U, you test a fully unforgettable mobile experience at a single site. We can assist you entertaining from 5 to 500 people with dozens of exciting entertainment options, with a package of entertainment to suit all budgets, we know how to provide you with fun and entertainment to the fullest extent and at the lowest cost. Contact us for your event and book today and let us come to you with fun and excitement and Games2U.
Examples of our parties:

Kids parties, school parties, birthday parties

With Games2U, we provide you with 4D games, mobile theaters, advanced laser games, and many more. When the team of Games2U is up to the entrance of your home, fun begins, we equip you with games and prepare it and follow up the children, and upon completion of the party, we also clean things up!

Nothing wonderful than the entertainment provided by Games2U for schools, you can create an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and encouragement to motivate participants through our theater and mobile video games and a giant hamster ball games and laser and others. All of this is a fraction of the unique, interesting and safe activities.

If you would like to submit the unprecedented birthday party? It is time to call Games2U! Celebrate birthdays exclusively with style entertaining packages. Start by choosing your favorite video games through unique mobile backgrounds and distinctive voice multiplayer scenes. Add to it the enthusiasm and excitement through the four-way round-dimensional 4D or giant hamster ball and advanced laser and get a night to remember. It is the appropriate concert, all depending on what you want and what fits your budget and your guests.


Teen parties, graduation parties

In Games2U, we help young men and women planning great and affordable parties! Starting from our exclusive mobile theater provided with games and audio backgrounds and multi-players games to virtual reality 4D experience that players wandering in the trip very enjoyable.

Turn any graduation ceremony to a unique party of its kind with Games2U, from elementary school to the university and any stage between them, graduates will get the experience of a lifetime! It is the perfect graduation ceremony for all ages.


Company parties, customer and employee appreciation

Turn the upcoming celebration in the company to a memorable occasion! Increase the morale of all competitors through video games in our sophisticated mobile theater. Also strengthen the community spirit through the laser games, add fun by giant hamster ball. Whatever you're looking for, we have more dozens of wonderful and unique activities to offer to your employees who will love it certainly.

Paint a broad smile on the faces of your employees or your customers! Everyone wants to feel appreciated, however, with Games2U, you can deliver this message loudly and clearly.

You can establish a special event to promote the spirit of team work in an unforgettable manner! Boosted confidence and encouraged a spirit of partnership with our activities to support the innovative spirit of teamwork.



"Workers and employees were very respectful and I was very happy by being. They were very circumstance, a party featured the presence of GAMES 2U"

Khloud B Moh

"The Staff Was Great as always ! *_*"

Mrs. Salam .R

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